Saturday, December 6, 2008

Why bisnesharian?

Peace be upon you,
ni hao?

Maybe its kinda lame for me to write about business because there a lot of this kinda blog exist in the net but, this is what i like. so ill write about things that i like lah.

Why do i choose "bisnesharian" as my blog's url?
-it's a blog updated daily by me, sharing my business thoughts and ideas. that is why its called harian which means daily.

Why am i providing the viewer with my business idea?
-because most people want to start a business but they didn't know what type of business they can do. and im one of the human being alive on this earth thinking about money all the time 24/7. thats why i kept on generating new ideas

Why should readers use my ideas?
-u dont have to if u dont want to. readers can also submit their ideas to varies ideas in this blog

What is my main purpose creating this blog?
-I want to generate money form advertising
-I want ur opinion on my ideas
-I would like to see if my ideas can really make millions (when readers impliment my ideas)

Who am i?
-I am an IPTA student, blogging from my room and doing business all around SEA.

Am i a millionaire?
-I am not a millionaire

My favourite qoute
-Its simple but its not easy.
: doing business is simple, sell/give something, earn profit. it's simple but it's not easy right?