Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Import export culture | Foods

For today's post, i would like to share to you how culture can be a business.

Before i elaborate more, i want u to know that i minimize the scope of culture definition to foods, musics and fashions.

Lets get started.

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If u r a malaysian or living in the SEA, u must be familiar with PIZZA HUT, DOMINO'S PIZZA, SHAKEY'S PIZZA etc etc.

where the hell pizzas came from?
thailand? indonesia? or malaysia?

u know the answer already.

lets talk about malaysia. malaysian eat pizza. pizza came from italy.why does pizza hut brought pizza to malaysia?

because people want something different. that is why it can be a profitable business to sell italian food to malaysian. this is what i called IMPORTING culture@food is a business.

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there are a lot more samples of malaysian bring the outsider foods or stuff to be sell here in malaysia but i chose pizza as it is the most well known brand in malaysia ( in restaurant franchise industry)

find something that is not available in malaysia, and bring it to the public. ull have the advantage from the competition aspect and substitution goods factor.

to be Continure.


Strobery.itu.aku said...

saya ske pizza kt pasar malam rumah saye.
xde kne mengena.

IkanStim said...

u r the most commenter here strobery