Sunday, December 14, 2008

Free money | Join a competition

At my father's study room, 15dec:
Its been a while eh?

Do follow my blog because im not able to update it daily anymore. im quite busy lately.
im afraid ull get bored when there is no new post when u check bisnes harian daily.

Btw, if u want to make millions fast, this is not the place BUT if u want to make sure ur wallet always filled with money, i think, this is the place. I think lah~

ok, lets go!
Business Idea #5

Is it true, by making videos u can make ringgits?

Just like my previous posts, id love to share my own experience, thats why i said by making vid, u can make money. (ill share with u later) it doesnt matter la what competition do u participate, normally when there is a competition, there is a prize. the prize is what we aim for.

The prize is not suppose to be money. maybe some cool gadgetss like handphones, ipods, cameras etc etc and maybe something cooler like a million dollar.

If u have free time, do these profitable activities. if ur good in tennis, join the tennis tournament. if u r good at designing, compete with other designers in a competition.

well , this is what my friends and i do:

There is a short film comp , and my room mate want to give it a try.(it is for the UTP, village5 art fest event)
we won the third place only. luckily, there is still a prize for the third place. a 100bucks.

with that 100 ringgit, kami xpayah isi minyak selama seminggu. jimat ckit part minyak. boleh la smpan dlm bank duit minyak utk smggu tu.

so what r u waiting for?

if u have the time and eagerness to win, join a comp, and win!

our video hasnt uploaded in utube so i cant show u the result. but this is a video made by my brother in russia.but they only do it for fun. enjoy~


hadio69 said...

hoho stail r abg ko
ak br igt nk dgr diorg ckp rusia haha
ank jati msia gk~ haha

br ni ak tgk program karyawan muda
short film diorg ak rs kte ok cket lg hahahahaha
next sem? haha

Bisnes Harian said...

kita terer lg tu
aku yakin