Monday, December 8, 2008

Social Networking | Free money

On my desk, 9th Disember: Is there such thing like free money? why am i putting "free money"all over the blog?

hehe. ill tell ya why when i got the result. im experimenting something with the google search engine system. however, there is such thing like free money.
Nuffnang pays me for blogging. its free. i only need to spend my time writing .

Bisnes idea #3

I know nothing about internet marketing so, im not writing about doing business online. i wanna share with my readers how internet cut the cost. marketing, advertising, shops costs can be cut down to 50-100% with internet.
irfan khairi said: Internet rocks!

this article is only based on my reading and experience. pls leave ur comments ok.

About selling online , i cant say much because im also still learning on it. Getting visitor to ur shops without u facing them is possible with internet. u can even ask thme to visit ur store wout having a risk being embarrassed by standing in the middle of a shopping mall and distributing phamplets to people. u might been ignored by them. (well, its the worst part for me)

so how internet helps u promoting ur offline shop?
websites, blogs, social networking are the alternatives. u can sit in ur shop, surfing the net and attract people to visit ur store using ur lappy. ill focus on social networking because it gives a totally free traffic and its not a 1-100 visitor per day, its more than 1k per day unique visitor per day. im not saying website and blogs cant reach that number, its much easier using social networking.


- u dont need to work on SEO
- u dont need a good keyword to get a place in the search engine search rank
- u dont need to pay google if u want to join the adword program

all u have to do is view others profile, and leave comments or just view it. they eventually visit ur profile back. its different with webs and blogs. some of social networking like
friendster has the "who view me"button. it shows who viewed ur profile. that is why people will visit u if u visited their page. they want to know who is their new friend.

plus, social networking already have enormous traffic i can say. myspace itself has 70 millions visitor. if u can tackle only 100k visitor from it, at least 20k-45k visitor will come to ur profile and knew where is ur shop located. sample:
they have their offline shops + online store. customer can buy it online and offline. if u dont want to sell it online, its okay. use social networking as ur marketing medium.

u can "force" them to visit ur profile so they know what do u sell, where is ur shop etc,etc by adding them as friends. 90% social networkers will view ones profile before approving ones friends request. isnt great!

o yeah, using social networking as ur marketing method can also improve ur CRM (customer relationship management) .why?
u be their friends and in the same time, offer products that u sell. than be a spammer. ( forwarding msgs about ur shop and giving hundreds of copy paste comments to the social networking community) itll decrese ur credibility.its hard to get back on track once u were labeled as a spammer, not a trader.

thats all for now. hapy reading!

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BasH said...

pandai lak ko skipping omputeh...wahahha...dak tronoh kan for sure la power2 neh...

irsyad said...

nuffnang 2, asal iklan dye kat blog aku x kuar2 e? sape2 tau..

Bisnes Harian said...

kureng la bash
mstila inggeris..bru rmai blh baca

syad, aku xpasti psl tu la..
kna tnya desk help dorg kot

irsyad said...

haha..xpe2, ho hal laa..