Monday, December 22, 2008

The end justifies the means

salam, peace be upon u

business ethics are subjective matter to be discussed.
no one can put a standard on how ethical a business is. marketing department is unethical by hiding facts or manipulating advertisement to attract buyers/consumers

do u know all toothpaste ads are manipulating consumers?

u dont need that amount of toothpaste to brush ur teeth. the toothpaste company want u to finish the paste fast. thats y the ads are telling u to maximize the toothpaste usage.

how about hiding the actual terms and conditions or a small *terms and condition applies? hiding the T&C is not ethical. but small T&C is a marketing strategy. just like i said before, it is subjective. i would say its strategy but u labelled it as cheating. its subjective.
to get something by paying the authority is ethical?
yup. because the authority has the power, so they will say its an incentive not a BRIBE.
but im disagree with it. its an exploitation done by a sick government.

is it ethical to use the end justifies the means quote as a business strategy?
i would say it is how the idea of guerilla marketing exist.


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