Saturday, May 2, 2009

CIMB Dream Deposit Drive campaign

hi all.

gosh! its been a while since i ever updated this blog! im really sorry for those who googled business thingy such as investments etc, can't get more infos from this blog. im truly sorry. i just don't have the time to update TWO blogs in one time! im targeting my second blog, IkanStim to be my source of income from nuffnang. so i kept on udpating and promoting that blog but somehow, nuffnang seems to be more interested on BisnesHarian ! if i didnt check my earnings, for sure ill not even realize i have a campaign to be done for CIMB!

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yeah,thanx to those (UTP students who went back to their kampongs during this study week) the internet is sooo "laju" so i can update my blogs happily. Lol

this CIMB campaign thingy will held on this blog from 1st of may till 30th June. erm.. a month lah kan?

it is a monthly competition which means, u can get prizes for every month! best kan? there are plenty of prizes from cash, handphone, to cars!

May's car is
Volkswagen EOS 2.01 turbo FSI (im not quite sure weather this is the exact looks similar though)

yes! its for real. CIMB is offering u cars to be driven home. but u need to open an account with CIMB with a minimum amount of RM500. (the main objective for this competition is to get more from u obviously) but its not a bad thing. banks make the economy goes around.

i havent read the all the t&c, the competitions in CIMB's dreamdepositdrive web actually.. so i cant tell u more about it yet. im quite busy this week.(its already study week! darn..i need to prepare myself for the final exam!)

just klik the ads on top of bisnes harian to know more

do tell others about this good news okay? ill update more soon.(im honestly interested to participate in the campaign as im one of CIMB account holders! .But for those that who are not, u still can participate. the different is on the prize that ull get.its lesser than those who are CIMB account holders)


Mr Farid

p/s-ill update the previous entry soon: Malaysia's Wise Spending Blog