Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Free money | Clubs

On my bed, 10th December: Such a busy day today. busy + bad day. u wanna know why? i got summoned because of illegal parking. never mind lah because im going picnic tomorrow at Sapi Island, kota kinabalu.

here we go,

Bisnes Idea #4

R u in the math club? or college debate team?

How can u earn xtra money from joining a club? Selecting a profitable club is soo important. profitable from what aspect? ur co curriculum achievement and finance. Join a club that will help u with ur resume' and the one that will fill ur wallet with $$ for being its member.

Still blur?
here some examples of me. lol

i joined the "keroncong" team in my university and we performed for our seniors convo. we r the one who escorting them with our so called melodic music when they r on the stage receiving their scroll. i play the electronic drum. and its sucks.haha. im not used to wired drum loh.btw, keroncong is a music genre from indonesia if im not mistaken. i dono much about music.

so where did i get the money from? ha, this is what i called joining a club that can gives u moneyy. the university management already have the commission budget for those who involved in the convo ceremony. all the musicians, the singers etc,etc .

above: a drummer's smile.

by playing drum for about 1hour non stop, and 2 weeks of practice, i got a RM100 food voucher, RM100 cash, and a certficate. plus, i got new friends, and maybe ill be playing for my Uni band which means, more money. haha. unfortunately, there is still n news on me as the band's drummer. never mind lah~

below:my 12 ringgit drum stick. bought it 2 days before convo.
(12rggt+ experience=RM200)

i think u r now understand what am i saying about club right?
if get it it , u can answer : how clubs can give u free money.

want more samples?
join a business based clubs!
there are a lot of money in that kind of club.
how to get the bucks from those clubs?

it is much easier bcos u dont need any specific talent to be one of them. usually, these type of clubs have monthly business project. by being the club member, ur name will automatically listed in certain team and u gonna help ur leader(or u r the leader)to do a business project. this is when ur wallet started to be filled with cash.

maybe ull be the head of logistics or the assistance or even worst, a regular committee member. but, no worries.. business based clubs usually will devide ur profit equally. no matter what ur positon is in the business project.

based on my experience, u can get 50-100 ringgit ( minimum ) by being one of the business project members. cool eh?

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