Sunday, December 7, 2008

Free money | Selling your self

On my bed, 8th Disember: How can we sell something, without capital and still earn thousands ringgit? the answer is easy -sell yourself. Girls, u can be an elite prostitute, paid 9k-10k ringgit for one night. serving men with ur body. boys, u can b a gigolo serving people with weird sexual desire.

im joking

Sufiah shilpa Lee does sell herself to make money. its easy, enjoyable and glamorous. Being a hooker changed her life once and for all. how about u? do want to be a prostitute? well, kindly call sufiah prostitution agency if u r interested.

This girl have the brain to be offered to people who need it. she can actually sell her expertise in math (As she is the math genius from malaysia who entered oxford on her 15th birthday) and earn money but she chose to sell her body instead. She got the money, but lost her dignity.

Bisnes idea #2

What is actually i meant by "selling ourself"?
im talking about selling ur expertise or talent or something u r good at. (so miss sufia is good at bed lah?lol)

Well, to make it easier i give examples of people who actually sell themself and earn bucks.

Ryan Sheckler, start skating since he was 18month old. crazy huh? he is a professional skater when he is 13. he own the collest range rover ive ever seen! he loves skating a lot, and he get paid by doing it. royalties form skate stuffs/mtv: reality tv, shoes, decks,trucks etc etc. aint it cool?!

do u get paid by skating?

Do u know the girl in this pic? she is ashley qualls. a 17 years old millionaire!

what did she sells? nothing

she get paid by google through adsense program. her 1st paycheck is 2k++ usd. her web traffic has almost 7mil viewer per day if im not mistaken. her web provide girls with myspace layout made by herself. she gave it for free! she knows how to design and play with html codes. its her expertise and she use it to attract people to visit her web to download the myspace layout code and it means higher traffic.
She is actually not selling anything. somehow, she still earn 70k USD per month. she bought a 250k house cash and living with her mom n sister.

do u own a website?
does ur site gives u 70k USD every month?

what about her?
she's britney and she use her talent to sing and entertain to make thousands of dollar every month.
but i dont get it, if she really can sing, whats with her slut image lately?
dont mind that, we r talking about money here.

any ideas generated after reading those stories?

as for me, im pretty good using adobe photoshop and drawing. so i sell it. i mean my ability to use that software by selling designs and do custom design according to my customer description.
sadly i generate not more than 1k ringgit. argh!
at least , i still making money right?

these are my so called artwork that i sold to my customers. each design i can get 100++ . 5 order per month means 500++ rggit in my wallet.hehe
kindly visit my clothing myspace or friendster to order or window shop.

so, what r u waiting for? start selling the thing that u r good at now!

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SayaBudakBaruBelajar said... baru yg best, perniagaan dan keushawanan yg disampaikan dengan cara santai...cayalah farid..

Bisnes Harian said...

yeah! thats my bro
do visit his blog too!
a lot of successful stories

BasH said...

hadoi, rajin betul ko neh cari duit,,, lama mana, dah shut down ka?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi! If u r a lady with 'nen nen & lobang' then can sell lah! But I only got small 'nen nen & no lobang' only got 'batang' so how can sell??? I have offer myself up for sell for so long yet no lady want to buy me! :(
BTW tq very much for dropping on my 'horny' site!
Have a very nice day!

IkanStim said...

wtf horny ang?

mestila rajin cari duit, nanti xbleh nk bergaya