Thursday, December 18, 2008

What i did and what i wrote

Hello everyone.

this post is an english+malay post.

bisnes = business
harian = daily

Just so u know, my blog is all about business and money. I share my business ideas and hoping ull get something from it. even though im not a rich guy, i like to talk about money and everything relate to it. well, rich guy say less about money but make a lot of it.

i eventually realize that my readers are more interested with something that i do compare to what i write. i mean, what i do and then i write it. not what i know, and i write/share it.

my toughts on obama tees, pizza hut, didn't get much feedback compare to what i share with my readers about what i do . eg theTakaful Malaysia | Takaful Etiqa | Public Mutual | Nuffnang post.

i think its better to share with u my experience rather than my ideas right?

im going to share with u my online business experience for the next post.
it is my pocket money secret . (secret la sangat)
so don't miss it!

Mr Farid


Nadhirah said...

"this post is a english+malay post."

this post is an english+malay post.

Bisnes Harian said...

xprasan pla

hadio69 said...

wah ad tcer lg haha

taek kuceng tol, igt nk tlis trus exp ko hahaha