Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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"When you donate $30 or more, you'll receive a limited edition shirt to show your support for change."

hello guys. peace be upon u
for today's post, it actually has nothing to do with business but got something to do with money.

The idea of asking others to donate is somehow irrelevant unless, all people of the earth is so noble that they will donate whoever, whenever they were asked to. What Obama's team do to cover the campaign expenses is by asking the supporters to donate but in a creative way.
(referring to the pics above)

They also have tees, mugs, caps, posters and button badges for sell. all of these merch can be shop online from their online store. well, they need resources to do the obama as the white house residence campaign right? it is one of the way lah. there s nothing wrong with it.

but if u r creative, ull do something like this:

nice one eh? election season can be a profitable for those who know to exploit it. not only for the tshirt seller but also the tshirt printer, and the tshirt maker. most of printing shops earn a lot when it is the election season.

get ur obama tshirt now instead of buying something like this:

Save Britney T-shirts. Suppor Value T-shirt

why shoud we save her?wth.

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