Wednesday, November 25, 2009

7-9% Per Annum? Nah


I dont even realize how long its been since my last update in bisnesharian. Never mind that. I wanted to share with u guys, what is the investment that could give you almost 11% interest for 6 months.

Strictly for moderate risk taker investors

Yup. 11%. It reached 11 actually. and im telling you no jokes here. If ASB offers us 7-9% interest annually, investing in gold could give you 11% for half of the year. In other words, 6 months. People are not so into gold until lately when gold is fighting with USD. The gold price is having its bullish market. So nice to see the spikey charts telling me the price is still rising till now.

Here, let me tell u more detail on this gold trading thingy. Im not a complex investor. I buy when its cheap and sell when the time is come. I use passbook account to trade gold 6 months ago with Public Bank. Yes, the GIA PB. Some of u must be familiar with it right? During that time, the price is 111.2 per gram which is quite expensive for that time because the price is declining the day after i bough it. haha. so clumsy eh? I actually dont have the time to come another day so i just bought it.

To my surprise, the current price is 125.9200 per gram. U do the math. For the time being, do not buy yet. The price is still expensive.

Majority chose gold as a long term investment but this type of investment need u to be aware of the daily price. U'll get nothing if u dont sell it. there is no interests nor dividends.

Happy trading!

p/s- is January suitable for forex trading?


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