Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Malaysia's Wise Spending Blog?

Salam to all my loyal readers
to all?
this blog has only 1-10 visitor per day but i sound like there are alot of so called "loyal readers".

so hows life everyone? im too busy attracting people to pay a visit to my IKANSTIM blog as Nuffnang is currently stop paying me money.(maybe because of not being loyal - changing to adverlets and not displaying ads) so im trying to maintain my ikanstim visitor 150 - 350 people per day.

so back to business. why i changed my blog title lately?(lately=2-3 weeks past)
its bcos the previous name is kinda lame. yeah, totally lame.

erm.. today, instead of sharing my knowledge on mutual fund, i want to share with u, what ive learned in finance class. about investing, but there will be no more about unit trust or mutual fund.

making money from the secondary market.

what appears in ur mind when i say, stock market?
eletronic board that showing the green and red arrows? or people shouting in a hectic hall try to sell and buy stocks?

well, u are correct

but what is secondary market? 
its the same thing

where does investors gain capital appreciation? in secondary market.

let me tell u briefly about stocks.

it divides into two :

preferred stock and common stock

preferred stock is more on becoming the money lender to a business so they can make money wit the money u gave them. 

common stock is being the owner of the business.

to be continued....

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