Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Are u lazy enough to be part of youthsay.com?

hi , peace be upon u!

i want to share to u guys about youthsay.com

its a youth website, and have youthy things happen there. the best part is, they are giving money to its members!

none of its members already got their money yet, somehow, if u are too lazy to do business , why dont u just click2 and earn money.

if they dont pay, no worries, the admission is free

SayaFarid, you have earned RM 4.90 for yourself! Awesome!

DateEarned fromAmount (RM)
2009-01-07 Invited : Puteri Shazanna Zawiyah bte Mohd Yusah RM 0.40
2009-01-07 Invited : vortex laba RM 0.40
2009-01-06 Invited : audi jezira ahmad RM 0.40
2009-01-06 Invited : muhd alif RM 0.40
2009-01-06 Invited : anne RM 0.40
2009-01-06 Invited : Ahmad Fathan Bin Abdul Rahim RM 0.40
2009-01-06 Invited : Afifah Amin RM 0.40
2009-01-06 Invited : aidalina mahili RM 0.40
2009-01-06 Survey : New Year's Resolutions 2009 RM 0.20
2009-01-06 Invited : muhamad syafiq RM 0.40
2009-01-06 Invited : Mohamad Azreen RM 0.40
2008-12-27 Survey : What language do you prefer to speak? RM 0.20
2008-12-27 Survey : Bruce Lee... are you a fan? RM 0.00
2008-12-27 Survey : Blogger Alert Survey RM 0.00
2008-12-27 Survey : Profile yourself NOW! RM 0.50
RM 4.90

Cash out options

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    Option 1: Write me a cheque.

    Once you have RM50, we will write you a cheque.

    You are RM 45.10 away from claiming this!

not bad for a day huh? rm4.90

u want it also?

klik and register! ( the web server is kinda stupid. so its a snail web loading)

now! do it now!

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